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Rigid Vinyl Films are clearly the most efficient products for clear visual packaging applications.  Historically, this is the polymer of choice for its versatility.  From processing, to sealing, to impact strength, PVC Films offer all of the performance attributes at the lowest possible cost, providing exceptional overall value.


(Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) Films provide exceptional transparency and are offered in two formats:

1) Virgin Grade, commonly referred to as APET and  2) Recycled Grade, commonly referred to as RPET, which uses Post Consumer Bottle Scrap.   Both products provide brilliant clarity and are FDA Compliant for Food Contact.


(Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) Films are truly premium products primarily used for pharmaceutical and medical device packaging.  PETG Films provide excellent toughness and chemical resistance, are easy to seal and are easy to form and process. PETG Films are also FDA Compliant and can withstand radiation and chemical sterilization.


(PETG/APET/PETG) are Tri-Layer Co-extruded Films.  The middle layer is APET with top and bottom cap layers of PETG.  The combination product provides the seal-ability of the PETG but at substantially lower cost.

Coming Soon – GRG

(PETG/RPET/PETG) Film will provide the same benefits at lower costs by using Post Consumer Bottle Scrap PET.  Both GAG and GRG are FDA Compliant for Food Contact.


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