Thermoforming Grade Rigid PVC

CrystalForm Thermoforming Grade products provide excellent forming characteristics for shallow or deep-draw formed parts, excellent transparency and high impact strength for product protection.


  1. Prime

  2. Utility

  3. Deep-Draw / High Impact

  4. Food

  5. Electric Static Discharge (ESD)

  6. Opaque / Tints

  7. UV Inhibitors

  8. Auto-Feed



Rigid Vinyl Films are clearly the most efficient products for clear visual packaging applications.   Historically, this is the polymer of choice for its versatility.  From processing, to sealing, to impact strength, PVC Films offer all of the performance attributes at simply the lowest cost, providing an exceptional overall value.

CrystalForm, a leading provider of Rigid PVC film, serves the thermoforming and packaging industries. With over 30 years of technical and product experience, our team will provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective supply solutions to your organization.  Our products meet the growing demand for quality visual packaging. Our custom formulations provide excellent clarity and ease of processing, making us the supplier of choice in the marketplace.  We back our exceptional products with world-class service and support.  Our product development team helps customers introduce innovative new products.  This full-service approach leads to long-term productive customer relationships.

Box Grade Rigid PVC

CrystalForm offers fabricators special Box Grade formulations for transparent folding cartons and other similar package designs.

  1. Excellent Impact Resistance

  2. Low-Crease Whitening

  3. Super High-Gloss

  4. Exceptional Clarity

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